Simple Accurate Fast

Public View is a performance monitoring, benchmarking and now reporting service for NHS teams.

Public View automatically collects all published NHS data into a simple comparison dashboard.

How It Works


Public View collates information from hundreds of data sources and enables comparison in an intuitive platform


Public View subscribers can instantly identify areas that are high performing, progressing well, or a cause for concern


Review peers, produce board reports and track progress and deliver change


All the features for your team to monitor and improve performance

At a glance scorecards

View multiple prebuilt and custom scorecards

Over 1,200 indicators instantly accessible and logically categorised into overall, divisional and team level scorecards enabling both broad and detailed view.

Easy to use charts

Ranking, Trend, Change and SPC

Intuitive charts enable clear focus on precisely what you need to know, allowing comparison of performance across all NHS organisations.

Full mobile app support

Access anywhere, anytime

Public View works seamlessly on any device including phone, tabled and desktop with nofication when new data is available.

4 peer group channels

Simultaneously compared with 4 peer groups

Set up multiple peer groups for easy comparison, or use pre-set comparisons such as intra-ICS or CQC levels.

Headlines view

Instantly see what you need to know

Look only at the best and worst performing metrics, or those failing to report, to quickly view outliers and potential data quality issues.

Share custom views

Share custom built scorecards and targets

Create up to 30 custom scorecards for your divisions, specialties or committies, set local targets including recovery trajectories and share with colleagues.


Sample Performance Screen


For benchmarking provider perfomance and quality monitoring

£30,000per year

ICS Version


For comparing system impact and assurance of place and provider perfomance

£60,000per year



Top 100 Hospital Ranking

The UK's top 100 Hospitals ranked with Public View's Hospital Combined Performance Score (HCPS).

HCPS is constructed from nationally reported performance indicators combined using an adaption of the formula used for the decathlon in athletics.