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IE11 is a very slow browser, and although we fully support it, we can't make it go any faster or do things it can't do. If you're able to change, then any modern browser will be significantly quicker for Public View and everything else too.

Here's Microsoft's modern browser, but anything modern will work significantly better, be more fun, and more more secure than IE11.

About Us

Public View Ltd is a provider of healthcare analytics and improvement services.

We fuse healthcare expertise, cutting edge technology and creative design to deliver simple, accurate and fast insights that enable NHS leaders to focus on where and guide how to improve services to patients.

Our Vision

We believe the most reliable view of how care providers are performing comes from outcome-based comparative data combined with precise, robust and audited methodologies about safety, efficiency and quality.

That view is the key to driving improvement in healthcare.

Less time struggling with complex and often conflicting information creates capacity for NHS leaders to deliver more value to patients.


Hundreds of public data sources collated into a single intuitive portal for NHS leaders


Instantly identify areas that are high performing, progressing well or a cause for concern


Use improvement guides and connect with peer exemplars or approved partners to deliver change and track progress

Top 100

Public View's free service automatically ranks the UK's Hospital Trusts every month.