Public View Subscriptions

Public View Ltd is entirely funded by subscriptions from NHS Trusts. All subscribed Trust users are provided with full access and support for all features as described below.

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Current Features
At a glance centile benchmark score Comparison against pre-set peer group
Custom sorting and filtering Quick links to original source data
Indicator Search "Time Travel" function to view previous performance of any metric, chart or table
Up to date display of public metrics View centile benchmark trend
View ranking chart View trend graphs
View data tables for metrics Headlines page showing Top Achievements etc
Compare against multiple peer groups simultaneously Create custom peer groups
Customise colours Export data in consistent machine friendly format
Toggle data series Compare performance and ranking to previous month, quarter or year
Reliable modern responsive system fully GDPR compliant and secure HCPS© Headline Metric
Set custom peer-based targets and toggle between them instantly Switch to see full performance of any organisation
Statistical Proess Control (SPC) Charts Configurable New data notifications
Cancer Two Week Wait Metric Offline Working/ Mobile Phone Application
Push Notifications Intranet Support for Subscribed Organisations
Planned Features

These are our product road maps. What we actually deliver depends on requests from subscribers.

Local Authority Metric Support Which organisations are looking at my organisation? Online video tutorials
View detailed metrics description & interpretation guidance Log in free access via Intranet Access to analyst support
Export performance screen to PDF for use in board papers HCPS© Detail
View headlines page to see bespoke commentary